Hey, it’s us!

After we kicked off the project, Surf Africa grew, and so did our crew. The team now consists of no less than 5 members who will drive parts of the full journey through Africa. Meet the Surf Africa family:

Erika (’99)

Joining from start ’till money runout (wherever that may be)

Our only Canadian member, flying in from British Colombia to Europe January 9th, a week prior to departure. Erika was the first one to join the expedition which meant the actual start of this whole idea. She’s also our youngest member, casually flying to the other part of the world to join a crew riding an oldtimer to Africa.

It was Erika who came up with the name ‘Surf Africa’ when Erika & Bram where still thinking of taking motor bikes for the jourey. We would take the surf boards with us at the side of our bikes across Africa. As you can tell, Erika’s sense for adventure is on point.

Bram (’94)

Joining from start ’till finish.

Founded the project with Erika after reading a book of two Belgian dudes driving from Brussels to Cape Town in 2003. Been keen of doing something similar for years, inspired by the courage and sense of adventure these guys showed. Now just happy as can be the dream kicks off.

Surf Africa is a way of testing the limits of what’s possible in many different ways, and creating new opportunities. Next to adventure and adrenaline, learning new skills that you normally wouldn’t learn in the safe environment at home, is also on the agenda.

Sander (’91)

Joins from start ’till +- week 8.

Oldtimer mechanic interested in the money exchange trade market. ‘Chief Mechanic’ for S.A. and also Bram’s bigger brother. Sensing the plan was way too foolish without his mechanical knowledge, he hopped on board to still his hunger for adventure and get us started the first months.

Sander is heading back home after 2 months, we hope we’ll have had all major mechanical issues by then. We do realise that won’t be case – we can only hope for it.

Jelle (’94)

Joining from +- week 9 till +-week 13/14

Jelle founded his own company and earns his living by making the best photos and videos the world has ever seen. He sees Surf Africa as a chance to finally see a bigger part of the world as he is on the search for an adventure that will leave marks in his soul for the rest of his life.

He has been the adventure travel compagnion for the Laperre brothers for the past years. When Bram crashed his first van in Switserland he was the co-pilot and rode along with Sander’s zebra painted Volvo through Europe.

Fien (’91)

Joins after month 3 ’till the finish line.

Fien is the definitely the crazy adventurer of the bunch. Although she only flies in after 3 months, she’ll also leave Belgium in January. Afria will be the third continent she travels to in 2020, after spending time in Sri Lanka and Patagonia.

Having dreamed for an African overland trip for a long time, she was excited from the start. About a minute after the project was announced publicly, Fien sent an “I wanna join!” text.

If all goes well, she’ll carry this expedition till then end with Bram at Cape of Good Hope. But her travels will most likely go way further as she isn’t necessarily planning on returning home.


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